For the Real Estate Agent

There is a 3% Referral Fee to the agent providing the client referral on the TIC purchase


Here’s how it Works:

Step 1     Real Estate Agent refers and registers their Client who own investment property — rental units, land, commercial property — Selling through a 1031 exchange — OR who has funds in 401k, IRA, CD, Money Market

Step 2     Brent provides all marketing materials and details to the Client on TIC investments and works with the Client through the entire process to get the transaction closed

Step 3     When TIC purchase closes, Real Estate Agent receives their 3% referral fee


WHY we recommend the Debt FREE Tenants-in-Common (TIC) real estate investment

  1. LOW RISK – A very conservative, low risk real estate Investment.
    -Blue Chip tenant with Long- term net lease = Low Risk
    -Debt FREE structure = Low Risk – There is NO foreclosure risk
  2. HIGH QUALITY – Own an undivided interest in an Institutional Quality investment property.
    -There is a long-term Net lease in place that is Guaranteed by a financially strong Blue Chip National company.
  3. ALL the BENEFITS – Title to the TIC ownership interest that provides all the rights and privileges of real estate ownership.
    -Option to sale all or part of the TIC investment at ANY time
  4. DIVERSIFICATION – Because of the low minimum investment, diversify by location, by industry and by tenant.
    -Avoid putting all your “eggs in one basket.”
  5. Third-party MANAGEMENT – There is professional third-party Property Management that removes the burdens and headaches of day-to-day management.
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